1900 bleecker
1900 Bleecker Street

1900 Bleecker Street

Immediate Availability: Contact Mike Licata (315) 929 0007

Location: 1900 Bleecker Street, Utica, New York

Building Size: 84,000 SF

Project Scope: Asbestos abatement, Demolition, Remediation, New Construction

Outcome: In progress


Our Plan

1900 Bleecker Street is a vacant property located at the corner of Bleecker and Oscar Streets in Utica, NY. Formerly contaminated with asbestos, PCB’s and lead based paint, the previous building became an attraction for vandalism and neighborhood blight. A significant portion of the building required demolition, and the remainder was in need of renovations including the roof, windows, HVAC systems, plumbing, electric, and gas services. When finished, 1900 Bleecker Street will be a newly renovated office building with a distribution/warehousing component on a major roadway leading into the central business district of Utica, and will eventually be home to a number of businesses providing jobs to the area.

One of the core goals of the City of Utica is to revitalize the downtown central business district, which requires methods of attracting both residents and businesses to the area. By helping restore this structure and attracting jobs to the neighborhood, an environment is established promoting opportunities for people to live and work in the area.

Special Thanks To:

  • City of Utica
  • Empire State Development